TTT Tshering Tours & Treks was established in 2005 with the technical expertise of its adviser, Late Dr. Martin Uitz of Austria who was instrumental in drafting Bhutan’s Tourism Master Plan from 2003 to 2005. The travel company has business tie up with travel brands like Geo Reisen in Austria, Die Zeit Reisen in Germany, Unique Destinations in South Africa and Thika Travels in the Netherlands. The travel agency is managed by a dedicated team, who offers personalized services to our clients and enable them to experience a fascinating and truly memorable holiday in the Druk Yul, the Thunder Dragon Kingdom.

We organize cultural, spiritual, nature or cycling tours from the western to the eastern most regions of the country to give deep insights into the Bhutanese lives, culture and tradition. We also organize treks to all the beautiful and challenging trekking routes in Bhutan. Specially tailored programmes are also offered to our valuable clients, so that they gain more understanding of the unique cultural and religious heritage of this pristine Buddhist realm.

At TTT Tshering Tours & Treks, we believe that a journey of a lifetime starts with love. The love that our team has for Bhutan, the love that is reflected in the gentle smiles of our people, the love that you will experience even before you step foot into Bhutan. There is always something to do in Bhutan, every season. Our team of travel experts and qualified guides specialise in different kinds of travel experiences, to ensure that we customize the right journey for you.