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  • Cultural tour introduces visitors to the unique aspects of the Bhutanese way of life through visits to villages, temples, historical monuments, pilgrimage sites and scenic spots.

    The highlights of the cultural tours are Tshechus or the annual festivals of the valleys (check our festival dates), where Buddhist fables are enacted through mask dances. The local people come to attend the Tshechu in their best attire. The duration of the cultural tour can vary from seven nights to a month and you can visit anytime of the year.

    The most popular cultural tour includes visit to western and central Bhutan namely Paro, Punakha, Haa, Thimphu (capital), Punakha, Wangdue, Trongsa and Bumthang. For those interested to see another aspect of Bhutanese life, the Eastern Bhutan (Trashigang and Trashiyangtse) is definitely worth visiting. A standard 10-15 days trip includes visit to all western and central Bhutan.

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  • TTT Tshering Tours And Treks allows you to explore Bhutan’s incredible beauty, clean air, unspoiled and un-crowded trails that offer trekker an exhilarating and memorable experience. Trekking in Bhutan is an unforgettable experience - a journey to a remote land often far from civilization, a journey of cultural exchange, a journey back in time, a journey of discovery about others and about one's self; above all it is a complete and unique experience which satisfies adventurous ambitions and provides inner fulfillment

    The power and beauty of the mountains is more impressive on foot than from any vehicle. Whether you take a two-night trek around the Haa valley or walk for three days from Thimphu to Paro or take the eight-day trek to the base of Mount Chomolhari, the views, villages, people and experience will be unparalleled.

    You walk with a daypack, typically containing your camera, water bottle and small personal items. Pack animals will transport the rest of the equipment, along with camping gear and food. Excellent and nutritious meals are prepared by our experienced cooks and are served in our enclosed dining tent with tables and camp stools. Our private guides lead the way, explaining the sites and traditions and natural history of the area. Local staff handles all the camp chores.

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  • Bhutan has a remarkable abundance of flora and fauna and is one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world. The terrain is incredibly rugged and there are huge variations in altitude. The northern regions of the country consist mostly of snowy mountains and glaciers but range from subalpine conifer forests to broadleaf forests in the central region and dense subtropical forests in the south. This wide-range of climatic conditions allows for an unparalleled array of vegetation and wildlife to thrive within Bhutan.There are countless varieties of rare plants and endangered animals living within our forests. Bhutan is also an ornithological hotspot with hundreds of rare and endangered birds inhabiting its lush forests.

    Explore & discover the breath-taking beauty of Bhutan

    The ecosystem in Bhutan is diverse, because of its location, great geographical and climatic variations. Bhutan’s high, rugged mountains and deep valleys are rich with spectacular biodiversity, Tour to view some of the 5,500 species, including 300 species of medicinal plants and over 50 species of rhododendrons. See more than 600 species of orchid, most are commonly found up to 2,100m, although some hardy species thrive even above 3,700m.

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  • Before the early 1960s the only means of travel within Bhutan was on foot or horseback. Things have changed now and cycling is becoming more and more popular. Even the royal family are keen cyclists and it’s not unusual to find the fourth king riding his bike around the hills of Thimphu.

    This is a relaxed pace cycling tour which has a back up vehicle on hand everyday, so you can enjoy the riding safe in the knowledge you can always get a lift if you fancy a rest. Our route takes us from Paro all the way across to the remote region of Bumthang. On the way we will visit Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, Punkaha, Gangtey and Jakar.

    These towns and cities all have their own unique charm and warmth about them. This is a tremendously varied route on which we will see the high peaks of the eastern Himalaya, conquer a challenging pass, enjoy hours of freewheeling downhill, cycle over ancient bridges, through virgin forests and along ridges. You will visit remote valleys, villages, hill top Dzongs, and atmospheric Monasteries. This route combines excellent cycling with the culture, people and places of the ‘Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon’ with all the sights and sounds that travelling by bike allows.

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