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  • All foreign tourists entering the kingdom of Bhutan require a visa which is processed and arranged by us. This days with the advancement of technology everything can be done on line.you just have to send us your passport copy scan and the passport size photo scan in jpg,the remaining work can be taken care by us.Once the visa is approved we forward the visa copy to you.

    A single entry visa costs US$40.The visa is approved by the Bhutan immigration only after it is endorsed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and forwarded to Immigration.The tourism Council of Bhutan will only endorsed if the tourist have deposited the full tour amount.

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  • Even though the potential for Tourism development is enormous, Bhutan has chosen to ignore the global pace, placing happiness of the people before outright material gain. A policy epitomized by "high value low volume" tourism, which is sustainable and sensitive to preservation of its heritage in a rapidly changing world. In trying to strike a balance between the past and the present, authenticity and sensitivity govern the development of all tourism products.

    Bhutan is a relatively egalitarian society where women enjoy equal rights with men in every respect. Because the kingdom is gender balanced, there never was any need for the upliftment of woman. They are actively involved in all ranges of Bhutans socio-economic development. The kingdom also never had a rigid class system. People's rank of birth doesn’t influence their opportunities on the social and educational ladder.

    The policy of value tourism is best supported by a system of a daily minimum high season price ofUS$ 250 per person per night for visits to Bhutan. The price also in a way limits the volume of visitors allowing exclusivity and care. The daily minimum price is most often misinterpreted to be extremely high. The fee in fact covers a package that include all internal taxes and charges including royalty, accommodation, all meals, services of licensed guides, internal transport and camping equipment and haulage for trekking tours.

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  • The most common method of entering Bhutan is via air into Bhutan’s only International Airport located in Paro. Once your travel dates have been confirmed, they will book your flight and arrange all formalities required of entering Bhutan. This includes the Visa clearance letter. On arrival at the international airport in Paro, this letter will need to be endorsed by the immigration officers before you are issued with a Visa permit.

    The best way to enter Bhutan is by Druk Air, the national air carrier. As Druk Air flights may be delayed because of weather in the monsoon (July & August), it is advisable to keep a 24-hour gap before any onward international connections.

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